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Reviewed By Great Restaurants Magazine
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When searching for a local restaurant that will offer illusion of dining at a secluded spot outside of Manhattan, look no further than Finestra Restaurant, located on the quaint corner of York Avenue and 73rd Street. Warmly decorated with exposed brick walls and candle-lit tables, this eatery is a top choice for many locals who were lucky enough to discover this secret early on. 

Finestra has created an atmosphere which has quickly become a favorite of those that frequent Sotheby’s grand auctions (which is one block over), as well as many of the well respected doctors and staff at nearby New York Hospital. Many other “neighborhood notables” escape to Finestra to get away from the otherwise hectic city life. Even dining on the quiet outdoor deck during the warmer months enable quest to enjoy the serenity that is offered. 




Food           Décor           Service           Cost

  19                  16                   22                $37


The kind of “welcoming” “local place” every neighborhood should have, this “small” Yorkville Italian serves as a “quite” standby for “well-priced” trattoria standards served by a “super” staff; live guitar music adds to the “pleasant” ambiance on weekends.

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